With House Roh's orbital post neutralised before any distress calls could be sent, we are now free to descend to the surface unimpeded. After careful consideration, commanders elect a covert deployment via land speeder and a jetbike. Devil, and Soren man the bike, while the rest saddle into the land speeder. [Along the way they decide the best course of action is to kill the nearest living thing, so they fuck up Godzilla.]

They successfully approach one of the iron warships used by the avian xenos and learn that they have had dealing with rogue traders in the past and have come to admire them so greatly, one could call it worship. The xenos agree to let Nil begin her mining operation underground where the avians had already established a nexus of mining tunnels, but due to the strange occurences have abandoned the mine.

Haarlock Command descends into the depths and discovers a potent source of exotic wraithbone-like material with peculiar regenerative capabilities. While further study is needed, we may have just found the solution to our miniscule wealth.

Forgemaster's Log: Post 0003

While the ships themselves are small, and no match for the greater Roh fleet in the system, they will serve our purposes in other respects. Ordering the captured servitors to search both ships, Li-Tal found that the enemy house makes use of an encoding machine to send long-distance messages through astropaths. How exactly these devices operate is yet to be determined. Evidence of this is indicated with the location of a code book found in the lower decks, its carrier killed before he could toss it in a furnace to be destroyed.

A brief analysis of the book suggests that an encoder was, or may be, onboard, but its location is yet unknown. More likely it was destroyed with other documents. Nevertheless, we now have a glimpse into the Roh Dynasty's plans and ways of direction now. Their ships will be of great use to us…

Eliminating the Orbital Garrison

Nil decides that the next course of action is to negotiate with primitive xenos species of avian biology on an acquarian moon in-systemin an effort to establish a mining operation to acquire valuable minerals suspected to be Wraithbone. Before negotiations can take place, however, the Roh Dynasty has established an observational position in low-orbit. In low-orbit were two ships, a science vessel outfitted with enhanced auguries and a frigate escort. 

Using the element of surprise, the Tempest Raven engages the escort vessel and quickly outmaneuvres it in a brief but fierce gun-fight. Nil teleports on board once the shields are brought down and begins to cause havoc onboard. Zephyr, Gale, and German man the gun batteries while Li-Tal works to override the task-directives of the servitor crews. Once done, any resistance on either ship is quickly ended, and House Haarlock acquires a Roh Dynasty Frigate, and science ship.

Trouble in the Vault

The mysterious Warp anomalies throughout the ship took some time to clear out. Each combat-capable agent of Haarlock Command, along with the Household Elite Guard spread out to see that each one was closed completely, the last being within the Tempest Raven vault itself. The House Guard were sent to ensure stability as Command made for the vault to secure the ship's safety. Upon arriving via the lift prime, numerous Haarlock guardsmen were found dead at the hands of a squad of what could only be Chaos Space Marines of the Night Lords traitor legion. 

Their presence warranted immediate engagement from the esteemed agents of House Haarlock, and they met in battle. Akathin rushed headlong to meet the foe, but was slowed by carefully aimed boltgun fire. Nil attempted to engage the traitors in melee combat, and while she fought bravely, a hail of heavy bolter shells caused an opening in her personal shield to allow another to strike. Nil's left arm was severed and she sustained heavy damage to her augmentations along with critical injury. Li-Tal attempted to aid with a combination of well-calculated maneuvering and precision las fire from his high-impact las rifle. Gale backed this up with laser fire of her own, and this allowed Akathin to finally engage the enemy and neutralise their heavy bolter.

Gae and Li-Tal saw to Nil's injuries and were able to at least stabilise them, but time was too short and resources too few to fully repair the damage. Upon entry to the vault, more traitor astartes were found within, along with the android brain case wired to the door. Before exiting through a Warp portal (presumably of this Warp-Webway), one traitor had declared that they had come to reclaim the crystal looted from their asteroid base. Along with it they took both suits of Terminus-pattern mobile armour. Unfortunately, the agents lack the resources to pursue them…..for now.

Forgemaster's Log: Post 0002

In the wake of the Chaos Sorceror's siege on this ancient warship, reports from all decks indicate substantial structural damage that can be highly problematic for our continued operations in the sector. This Warp-webway needs to be either captured in its entirety, or destroyed along with its makers if House Haarlock is to make any more progress.

Reports from the Seneschal reveal that these attacks have cost a great deal from our already limited financial resources. We should make for port as soon as possible to resupply and recruit more crewmen.

A Chaos Incursion on board the Tempest Raven

The warfare against the Roh Rogue Trader house has been delayed numerous times, and continues to be as Chaos forces use their Warp-webway network to move unseen around the sector. Not least of their devastating appearances was within the tempest Raven itself, specifically in the recreational deck, from which the agents of Haarlock Command had ceased to receive maintenance updates.

The agents themselves investigated and found that the entire deck had been consumed in a vile ritual of the Plague God Nurgle. Many household servicemen were subjected to the virlent plagues of Chaos and were rendered little more than reanimated corpses. Sorcerous energies enabled these thralls to use their weaponry against us, though it was of little effect against high-quality armour.

The recreational deck was composed of several large gathering halls which were heavily infested by the time we arrived, and methane gas (likely from the massive amount of decomposing flesh in such a confined space, large as it may be) rendered the foul air highly flammable, making flame weaponry and most explosive munitions too risky to employ. To safely cleanse the contamination, the agents were forced to split into small, unmatched squads to begin systematically clearing each room as they further secured the entire deck.

As the deck was gradually cleansed of the Chaos taint, the presence of the Warp became palpable, and powerful psychic emanations revealed that a dark ritual was underway in what was once the mess hall. The hall itself was sealed with heavy bulkhead doors which could only be opened with the designated key-cards, due to the volatile composition of flammable gases preventing the use of more conventional breaching explosives. Each agent distinguished themselves considerably in combat many times over. Zephyr leveled torrents of laser fire at the hordes of mutant abominations which Nil and Devil charged headlong into combat. Li-Tal and German consolidated rooms and covered Gale engaged Chaos forces in battle. Akathin and Soren fought bravely in close-to-mid-range combat, backing up the Seneschal as best as anyone could.

Lyra attempted numerous times to slow the ritual, buying the agents the necessary times to put and end to it, and when each key was retrieved, the hall was the last room to cleanse.

Inside, several cultists (Each of whom appeared to be high-ranking) had prepared a summoning circle to bring forth a Chaos Astartes Sorceror and his servants. The hall itself was filled with plague zombies and spore mounds which were revealed to be the true source of the infestation. The agents engaged the vast hordes of Chaos and eliminated as many as they could to provide enough of an opening to eliminate the Sorceror and end his rampage aboard the Tempest Raven. Eventually the Sorceror was slain and the ensuing collapse of the Warp portal opened in the center of the ritual site had drawn in the filth with it.

Tessera's Betrayal

Reports from a "Broker of Lost Lore" reveals that a void station was traveling through the Warp and that we had but one opportunity to investigate. Due to the nature of this event, only a small strike force could be assembled, thereby leaving the House undermanned for such an crucial operation. The augur scans revealed a familiar presence in Warp space; a mission too interesting to ignore.

The dropship had been prepared and the strike team composed of Nil, Lyra, Li-Tal, German, Akathin, and Zephyr set off for the signal. Upon arrival we came under assault by psychic vision heralded by a familiar voice. The voice called to certain members of the team in an attempt to goad into killing each other, though Li-Tal enacted his counter-intelligence protocols (i.e. Penis Protocols) to distract the mysterious psyker long enough for Akathin to identify her. Zephyr Jin managed to sabotage her own power armour to mask her presence from the Haarlock Command private vox.

Now unveiled, Tessera Phasma Effigies resorted to summoning another Chaos Space Marine which was swiftly eliminated by Akathin's close-combat prowess before he could manifest. Her schemes undone, Tessera confronted the strike team to explain her grand plans and spirit herself away through the immaterium, but not before Lyra psionically paralysed her just long enough for the rest of the group subdued her. 

Stripped of her wargear, Tessera was successfully captured and another of House Haarlock's many loose ends tied. Their adversaries defeated, the team was now able to investigate a cryo-chamber where Tessera attempted to manifest the traitor space marine. There they found two cryo-pods containing mysterious occupants and two that were vacant. Tessera, herself, was placed in stasis for later interrogation. Though while she was being incarcerated she managed to spout off one last death-curse, mentioned the dark god Tzeentch.

Significant muscle was needed on Akathin's part to move the pods back to a hangar for extraction. The two unknown cryo-pods are pending further investigation and Tessera will be….suitably interrogated.

Raiding the Raiders Pt. 2

Haarlock forces continue to fight their way to the bridge of the Dark Eldar vessel, encountering many Kabalite soldiers along the way before reaching the inner sanctum. The Dark Eldar captain's personal guard arrive to greet us in combat, though Akathin's blood-frenzy made short work of their defensive formation before the other operatives mopped up whatever was left. Agents Soren and Devil took considerable injury during the bout, but remain alive. Devil and Nil offered a distraction, allowing German to eliminate a Kabalite guard with a well-placed shot to the head. Akathin, alone, managed to take out two Trueborn Guard with little effort. Tactical evaluation shows that everyone played their part.

One surviving guard ran off to warn his captain, who attempted to taunt us before being eliminated Haarlock style with a single shot, but not before he activated some sort of handheld crystalline device that opened a Warp portal in the centre of the sanctum. Through the portal our worst fears were realised as a Chaos Space Marine stepped forth, making short work of Devil and Nil by hurling them into the rest of the strike team. Meanwhile, Akathin was contending with the captain's Grotesque bodyguards, making him unable to reach the device that summoned forth this traitor marine.

Eventually the other agents of the house arrived to lend their aid, and the traitor was defeated through a combination of Li-Tal with his relic Atomiser Cannon, and Savaros with a hail of fire from his heavy bolters. This, however, only lends to our fears that Chaos, indeed, has a presence here. We have our work cut out for us if we want to undermine the Roh Dynasty's operations in this sector.


Raiding the Raiders Pt. 1

With no hope to stand up against the Rho dynasty's defense fleet, Haarlock Command decided to try and steal some void ships from the pirate fleet in the sector. Through extensive recon it was discovered that the pirates were in fact Dark Eldar raiders. The good agents hid themselves in an asteroid field in the hopes that they might ambush one of the raiders. However the Dark Eldar were not so easily fooled and quickly pushed the Tempest Raven into a corner with no hope of escaping. Thankfully, they managed to land a clean hit on the raider due to Void Master Gale's precise aim with the broadside battery. The impact stunned the raider's vessel long enough to prepare an assault via the teleportarium.

Upon boarding the Dark Eldar vessel, the strike team encountered several Kabalite elite guard stationed in nearby areas. A bloody close-quarters firefight ensued with the Dark Eldar being completely decimated, including a flesh-made abomination they call a "Grotesque." Somehow Savaros was brought on board, though the hallways were much too small for his girthy frame. He did manage to snag a Dark Eldar warrior in his massive grip. Poor bastard received a fate worse than death.

It would seem our assault on the Dark Eldar ship was a success.

Looting the Captain's Quarters

(sigh)………Where does a Forgemaster begin?

Let me preface by saying that several questions I once had are now answered, though I find myself wondering at what cost. Not that (former) Captain Komalius Haarlock would have noticed…

It appears that the majority of Haarlock Command, Devil and myself excluded, decided a spontaneous raid on the <s>good</s> useless Captain's personal void coffer was in order. How they accessed it without my technological know-how is a mystery to me, but at least their efforts were not in vain. I was humbly working on my enhanced laser rifle, while Devil was tending to his personal wargear cache when news reached our ears of the party finding items thought long lost.

Among the items found in Komali's void coffer were as follows:

Devil's ancient entropic accelerator (He won't be happy about this)

Komali's heraldic hoverboard (Because why the FUCK not?)

A power fist bearing Haarlock Iconography

A lightning claw also bearing Haarlock sigils

A land speeder (must have been collecting dust in the hangar bay)

A Sol-Pattern heavy bolter

Komali's old Eldar Force Shield (of course they did, the fucks)

Refractor Field (not much, honestly)

With plunder like this, I think we're good to fight FUCKING Chaos Astartes. I do believe that Nil has asserted herself to be the heir of the Haarlock legacy, since Komalius is apparently impotent. He was probably too drunk off ancient wines to give two shits anyway. The universe only knows what other <s>sexual devices</s> horrors they found in Komalius' chambers that night.

Where's the Tylenol…


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