Infiltrating the Ancient Grand Cruiser

Fortunately for House Haarlock, the swift elimination of the guards means that we have the element of surprise, and nearby was a lift granting access to the ship proper. Ascending the lift revealed another squad of Roh soldiers accompanied by a Tech-Adept who was tending to a labour engine. This indicates that the Roh garrison does not have full control of the ship, but have managed to establish a temporary power network to restore some key functions. 

Quick reconnaissance showed that the squad had become somewhat laxed as a result of tedious labour and no movement, making it easy for our infiltrators to eliminate them quickly. Devil and Remy don the armour of the Roh soldiers to assess their strength and perhaps to draw a couple of soldiers away to further weaken their position. Nil posed as a prisoner, to help lure them into the ambush. Two soldiers are drawn back to the elevator where Gale and Li-Tal silently eliminate them using a sword and knife respectively.

With two guards eliminated, enough remained to be assassinated from range via simultaneous quick-shots. Unfortunately, the tech-adept was critically damaged (and beyond repair) by a not-so-well-placed shot to the head with Remy's firepike. Any information contained within his cranial cogitators was certainly lost along with any internal backups which may have been short-circuited.

The labour engine was secured safely, however, along with a substantial collection of unusual items. Among the items found were three more Haarlock-marked T-bills, no less than two archeotech weapon components, assorted medical supplies, and esoteric munitions. We also recovered one of the Roh encoding machines, and a codebook. This can grant us all of the access we need to steal the ship out from under the enemy.

During the brief combat, two soldiers ventured off and returned with alpha Legion traitor astartes. This revelation is most unfortunate, and reveals to us that Chaos is operating in the Barrows as well. The presence of two traitor legions in Haarlock endeavours is troubling, but must be dealt with regardless. We have beaten the Night Lords in combat, we can defeat the Alpha Legion and their cultists as well.

Returning to the Barrows

The ambush broken, and all assailants defeated, House Haarlock agents prepare to return to the ship to get Lyra immediate medical attention. The gunmen were well-prepared for the firefight, and had gained at least limited control of the surrounding area, locking down blast doors and disabling the local alarm system. This ensured that port security forces would not have been able to react in time.

It took a little ingenuity, but Gale, and Remy were successful in managing to hack the door controls, until a voice interrupted our private vox channel. An Imperial scout battlemech descended from above, piloted by a spoiled girl who declared herself to be the daughter of Roh Fernandez, himself. Given her spoiled personality, it is likely she operates without his knowledge, and Soren tossed a plasma grenade at a weak point in the mech's armour very nearly disabled it. If she truly was who she claimed to be, then her capture would have given us leverage over a superior rogue trader house.

Returning to the ship, we made for the Barrows as indicated by the intel provided by the Collector, and during Warp-transit we made all necessary preparations. Li-Tal prepared wargear for Nil, Dante, and Gale. An archeotech grav-belt, two tech-holsters, and an ornate hell-pistol. Such items should prove useful for the fighting to come.

The navigator brought us from Warp-transit just outside the outer reaches of the graveyard itself, and into the perilous void we went. Careful piloting by the helm and rapid augury scans helped to traverse the constantly shifting wrecks and debris moving in all directions, and adequate time to analyse scans revealed that the Barrows are made up of multiple "rings" of wreckage surrounding a singularity of unknown properties.

Further augury scans reveal the derelict grand cruiser was found exactly where the Collector said. House Roh, however, had already been here, and had established a blockade around its location. Approaching the derelict, even on passive sensors would be an impossibility with so many ships. Our small chances were made even smaller when Nil attempted to hail the Roh ships, immediately alerting them to our presence, though the vox was cut off before our true identity was compromised. One of the smaller ships, a frigate, began its approach to investigate. Gale and Lyra used all of their skill and experience to conceal the Tempest Raven in the shadow of a larger wreck.

We very nearly had to shut down all systems, if not for a well-timed decoy launch, that managed to lure the frigate far enough away. With the Roh scout disposed of, we maneuvred as close to the grand cruiser as was feasible. A hasty and foolhardy jettison of a small team of operatives was the only option to avoid detection, and the grand cruiser was successfully boarded with the only sentries eliminated by the very momentum used to carry us onboard.

How best to secure a grand cruiser surrounded by enemy ships with a handful of agents…

Forgemaster's Log: Post 0004

This analysis is compiled hastily and more out of necessity. These gunman are from no mercenary organisation known to us, but were well-armed, and well-trained. Their weaponry of high quality and heavily modified. Plasma guns modified for multiple firing modes on the fly. Denser accelerator coils and magnetic inducer can fire higher output bursts or focus the ion gas into a high-precision beam. Others used hellguns with unusual crystalline focusing lenses which produced a black light with enhanced power output, thereby causing more damage to armour plating.

Whether or not these weapons were their own, or supplied to them, remains a mystery, but if we are to defeat the Roh Dynasty, we need to be very careful from now on.

Massacre at the Marketplace

Surrounded from all sides and with no way out, House Haarlock finds itself in a desperate situation. Mysterious attackers who declare themselves for the Roh Dynasty engage the explorers in a protracted firefight in the marketplace, attempting to use their elevated positions to their advantage. Most of the crew managed to evade serious injury, and one-by-one the attackers were eliminated.

Each of the gunmen was using heavily modified military-grade weaponry, typically hellguns and plasma weapons, though more analysis must be conducted before an accurate record can be composed. It is clear, however, that in the firefight about half of the agents sustained damage to their equipment and physical injury. Zephyr took several hellgun blasts to the center-mass, though a good deal of the energy discharge was absorbed by her armour. Nil took moderate damage as she (with assistance from Akathin) vaulted up to an elevated firing position in the windows of the surrounding hab blocks and taking on a few in close combat. Li-Tal and German took minor damage from hellgun fire from nearby windows, though master-crafted armour plating and advanced augmetic compensation had proven effective against injury. Lyra had received the worst of it, though.

These gunmen were very well-trained and well enough armed to nearly kill our navigator. One such sharpshooter fired and had caused near-fatal injury to Lyra's face. The high-intensity light from a concentrated source blinded her and severe trauma to her cranium had rendered her unconscious. Soren, himself attempted a similar offensive tactic to Nil's, but miscalculated the architecture of the habs and had broken his right ankle.

None of the agents are dead, yet, though medical attention and no small amount of repair work in needed. We should make for the Barrows, soon, and find this ship. We need a more secure place from which to stage our operations. Nowhere seems to be safe anymore.

To Port with an Unusual Job Offer

The events of the wraithbone tomb had made the commanders weary, and it has decided that making their way to port with their spoils was a good idea. To port they went, and many discussions were had between the agents as to what they would spend their hard-earned money on. Upon arrival, they made for the marketplace as Nil, Li-Tal, and Devil instructed the crew to begin all necessary actions to prepare the Tempest Raven for its next voyage.

The sprawling marketplace of Port Wander made it easy for the agents to find things to buy, though many things sought after were not so easily found. The Seneschal did his best to find items of value between the incessant prying and extravagant demands of the agents and their esoteric wants. Some members found rare and high-quality weaponry and armour, others found mystic and alluring trinkets of a more esoteric use. That was, of course, until the Seneschal received an invitation to meet an unknown admirer with a potential job offer.

As with most of our passed ventures, it all begins with curiosity, and we all gathered to go meet this mysterious person. upon reaching his lavish holdings deep within port, it became quite clear how unbelievably wealthy this person was. Long bridges leading to tall, gilded doors, and am obsidian floor of crystalline nature laced with intricate circuitry with a complexity matched only by its elegance. Before long a man, calling himself the "Collector," had revealed himself to inform us that a lost vessel of a familiar nature was found in the Barrows, an old favourite of the haarlocks' many, many adventures.

He proposed that on board this ancient derelict were great treasures, not to mention the ship itself, which may yet be salvageable, that were of great interest to him. He also proposed that anything we found on the ship would be ours for the taking, and more, if we were to retrieve these strange items for him. Perhaps be knows of our past experience navigating the dangers of the Barrows. Perhaps he is familiar with House Haarlock, and recognised the ancient heraldry emblasoned on the hull. Either way, it is cause for concern. Such a man cannot be so easily trusted.

With the proposition clear and the terms established, the agents make their way back to the ship, and are met along the way with envy and astonishment from the people as they find themselves back in the marketplace. Someone else, however, had been watching, and numerous gunmen would reveal themselves to the explorers, brandishing unusual weaponry and declaring their willingness to kill for House Roh…

Descent into the Wraithbone Tomb

After negotiating access to the xenos mines, the esteemed agents of House Haarlock descen into the mines, and upon reaching the end, they discover that an ancient Eldar tomb has been located deep beneath the planet's surface. Past experience has made the explorers wary of the creations many aliens have left behind, and their advance into the structure was slow and methodical.

Further investigation revealed three stasis tanks, scans indicated that each of which had contained an Eldar bonesinger, and the array of storage alcoves and containers filled with Wraith-forged weaponry and artefacts seemed clear. On Nil's order, the explorers set about gathering as much of the material as possible to take. Such a lucrative bounty would do well for the Haarlock's financial troubles.

Our activities did not go unnoticed, however, and the temple was well defended by unknown alien constructs from the very same material we were trying to harvest. Heavy combat ensued as the explorers found themselves fighting wraithbone creatures, apparently motivated by ancient Eldar sorcery. Each member in combat did their job, and the many creatures were successfully eliminated, along with one or two of the stasis pods. Though what will become of their occupants will remain to be seen. 


With House Roh's orbital post neutralised before any distress calls could be sent, we are now free to descend to the surface unimpeded. After careful consideration, commanders elect a covert deployment via land speeder and a jetbike. Devil, and Soren man the bike, while the rest saddle into the land speeder. [Along the way they decide the best course of action is to kill the nearest living thing, so they fuck up Godzilla.]

They successfully approach one of the iron warships used by the avian xenos and learn that they have had dealing with rogue traders in the past and have come to admire them so greatly, one could call it worship. The xenos agree to let Nil begin her mining operation underground where the avians had already established a nexus of mining tunnels, but due to the strange occurences have abandoned the mine.

Haarlock Command descends into the depths and discovers a potent source of exotic wraithbone-like material with peculiar regenerative capabilities. While further study is needed, we may have just found the solution to our miniscule wealth.

Forgemaster's Log: Post 0003

While the ships themselves are small, and no match for the greater Roh fleet in the system, they will serve our purposes in other respects. Ordering the captured servitors to search both ships, Li-Tal found that the enemy house makes use of an encoding machine to send long-distance messages through astropaths. How exactly these devices operate is yet to be determined. Evidence of this is indicated with the location of a code book found in the lower decks, its carrier killed before he could toss it in a furnace to be destroyed.

A brief analysis of the book suggests that an encoder was, or may be, onboard, but its location is yet unknown. More likely it was destroyed with other documents. Nevertheless, we now have a glimpse into the Roh Dynasty's plans and ways of direction now. Their ships will be of great use to us…

Eliminating the Orbital Garrison

Nil decides that the next course of action is to negotiate with primitive xenos species of avian biology on an acquarian moon in-systemin an effort to establish a mining operation to acquire valuable minerals suspected to be Wraithbone. Before negotiations can take place, however, the Roh Dynasty has established an observational position in low-orbit. In low-orbit were two ships, a science vessel outfitted with enhanced auguries and a frigate escort. 

Using the element of surprise, the Tempest Raven engages the escort vessel and quickly outmaneuvres it in a brief but fierce gun-fight. Nil teleports on board once the shields are brought down and begins to cause havoc onboard. Zephyr, Gale, and German man the gun batteries while Li-Tal works to override the task-directives of the servitor crews. Once done, any resistance on either ship is quickly ended, and House Haarlock acquires a Roh Dynasty Frigate, and science ship.

Trouble in the Vault

The mysterious Warp anomalies throughout the ship took some time to clear out. Each combat-capable agent of Haarlock Command, along with the Household Elite Guard spread out to see that each one was closed completely, the last being within the Tempest Raven vault itself. The House Guard were sent to ensure stability as Command made for the vault to secure the ship's safety. Upon arriving via the lift prime, numerous Haarlock guardsmen were found dead at the hands of a squad of what could only be Chaos Space Marines of the Night Lords traitor legion. 

Their presence warranted immediate engagement from the esteemed agents of House Haarlock, and they met in battle. Akathin rushed headlong to meet the foe, but was slowed by carefully aimed boltgun fire. Nil attempted to engage the traitors in melee combat, and while she fought bravely, a hail of heavy bolter shells caused an opening in her personal shield to allow another to strike. Nil's left arm was severed and she sustained heavy damage to her augmentations along with critical injury. Li-Tal attempted to aid with a combination of well-calculated maneuvering and precision las fire from his high-impact las rifle. Gale backed this up with laser fire of her own, and this allowed Akathin to finally engage the enemy and neutralise their heavy bolter.

Gae and Li-Tal saw to Nil's injuries and were able to at least stabilise them, but time was too short and resources too few to fully repair the damage. Upon entry to the vault, more traitor astartes were found within, along with the android brain case wired to the door. Before exiting through a Warp portal (presumably of this Warp-Webway), one traitor had declared that they had come to reclaim the crystal looted from their asteroid base. Along with it they took both suits of Terminus-pattern mobile armour. Unfortunately, the agents lack the resources to pursue them…..for now.


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