Daemonic Seneschal


Rank 2 Seneschal


An erratic senechal hired to manage the Haarlock Dynasty’s Finances.

No one really knows Devil’s origins or how he’s gotten to where he is today. No one is really sure if “Devil” is his real name. Every attempt to look into his background has been meet with either dead ends or dead men. A true enigma to all who interact with him safe for his loyal companion Lyra.

He has proven himself a skilled negotiator in the field of commerce aiding the Haarlock Dynasty recover from their financial straits. Of course such financial troubles could have been completely avoided if a certain rogue trader didn’t cripple the entire dynasty’s assets trying to purchase a SINGLE FUCKING MEDKIT After careful consideration it has been decided that all requests regarding the acquisition of gear and essential goods should go through Devil first.

Despite maintaining composure during negotiations he’s always eager to engage in hostilities should things ever go sour. Devil enjoys open conflict almost as much as he enjoys chasing skirts, and a battle commences its as if he becomes a different being all together.


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