Hastur Madsplittah

Ork Weirdboy


High health with casting capabilities that grow stronger with more allies nearby. A bit eccentric and uncaring about splash damage, with increasing effectiveness the more hostile targets there are.


A strangely loud weirdboy, Madsplittah finds the expanse of space a great location to discharge excess WAAAGH! energy. Grew up in space, and is able to work with a variety of ships and ship parts that normal Orks may have difficulties with due to his Mekboy companion. The Copper Rod is still an essential part of his life, but he can latch onto ship parts to discharge energy, though the machine spirits may not always take kindly to this. The constant flow of slaughtered and reborn brothers leave him with little understanding of life as a limited thing, and he pays no heed to what may be dangers as a result.

Hastur Madsplittah

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