Xeno Mercenary


Rank 3 Kabalite Warrior – This is Soren of house D’raque, 3rd of his name, The Fearless, The Breaker of wills, The Mad, The Savior, Tormentor of craftworlds Lyanden and Ulthwe, Slayer of Salamanders, Howling Griffons and Silver Skulls, Former Dracon of the Obsidian company and Bane to all his debtors.


A combat stimulant drugged up Eldar hired to supplement the Haarlock Dynasty’s security forces.

On the outside Soren looks like a crazy Eldar hopped up on enough cocktails of combat stimulant drugs with dashes of hallucinogenics that would OD an Eversor with an insatiable sex drive and armed predominantly with weapons and equipment that cause unspeakable and immeasurable agony in those he goes after, But according to Dixon the leader of his retinue, a band of women who he had trained to kill/maim with a penchant for violence called “The Saints” in mockery to the sisters of battle, that during his bouts of sanity is quite cunning, unpredictable and deceptive but caring to his people.

In one of his bouts of sanity or insanity which ever way you want to look at it, he and his retinue had stolen a fully stocked and armed Torture Class cruiser, complete with a full brainwashed crew, in broad daylight under the nose of the dry dock security/fleet and jumping into the webway before the alarm could be raised.

It isn’t know when or how but Soren has under his command a oddly designed Dreadnought named Savaros, the 2 along with the Saints and his Dark Eldar Forces have been sighted on one side as bodyguards for lords as well as one the other side looting, pillaging and destroying many a convoy and settlement before their allegiance was purchased by the Haarlock Dynasty.

Soren and his merry band of crazies are easily the most nonchalant, drugged up, depraved and vicious bastards of the sector.


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