Zephyr Jin

Mutant Fox Girl Voidmaster


Zephyr and her sister have spent most of their lives as Vagrants, serving on various ships from their childhoods and onward. They were ostracized for the mutations they had from birth giving them a tail and fox ears. Zephyr found herself making her way as a pilot when she showed a natural inclination for it and found that she had bailed out several ship when the usual helmsman wasn’t up to the the task.

One such adventure had occurred when she had to take over a trader ship that was evading Pirates by going through an asteroid field. She had safely led them through until they found a dead ship of a lost rogue trader dynasty. Given the share of wealth that was aboard had given the girl some time that she didn’t need to work, but she was wasting funds and being quite bored.

While she still had some of the treasure, she signed up with the Haarlock Dynasty due to the fact the rogue trader didn’t mind her mutations and welcomed her aboard his ship.

Zephyr Jin

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