Raiding the Raiders Pt. 2

Haarlock forces continue to fight their way to the bridge of the Dark Eldar vessel, encountering many Kabalite soldiers along the way before reaching the inner sanctum. The Dark Eldar captain's personal guard arrive to greet us in combat, though Akathin's blood-frenzy made short work of their defensive formation before the other operatives mopped up whatever was left. Agents Soren and Devil took considerable injury during the bout, but remain alive. Devil and Nil offered a distraction, allowing German to eliminate a Kabalite guard with a well-placed shot to the head. Akathin, alone, managed to take out two Trueborn Guard with little effort. Tactical evaluation shows that everyone played their part.

One surviving guard ran off to warn his captain, who attempted to taunt us before being eliminated Haarlock style with a single shot, but not before he activated some sort of handheld crystalline device that opened a Warp portal in the centre of the sanctum. Through the portal our worst fears were realised as a Chaos Space Marine stepped forth, making short work of Devil and Nil by hurling them into the rest of the strike team. Meanwhile, Akathin was contending with the captain's Grotesque bodyguards, making him unable to reach the device that summoned forth this traitor marine.

Eventually the other agents of the house arrived to lend their aid, and the traitor was defeated through a combination of Li-Tal with his relic Atomiser Cannon, and Savaros with a hail of fire from his heavy bolters. This, however, only lends to our fears that Chaos, indeed, has a presence here. We have our work cut out for us if we want to undermine the Roh Dynasty's operations in this sector.



Sheol Rovien

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