Tessera's Betrayal

Reports from a "Broker of Lost Lore" reveals that a void station was traveling through the Warp and that we had but one opportunity to investigate. Due to the nature of this event, only a small strike force could be assembled, thereby leaving the House undermanned for such an crucial operation. The augur scans revealed a familiar presence in Warp space; a mission too interesting to ignore.

The dropship had been prepared and the strike team composed of Nil, Lyra, Li-Tal, German, Akathin, and Zephyr set off for the signal. Upon arrival we came under assault by psychic vision heralded by a familiar voice. The voice called to certain members of the team in an attempt to goad into killing each other, though Li-Tal enacted his counter-intelligence protocols (i.e. Penis Protocols) to distract the mysterious psyker long enough for Akathin to identify her. Zephyr Jin managed to sabotage her own power armour to mask her presence from the Haarlock Command private vox.

Now unveiled, Tessera Phasma Effigies resorted to summoning another Chaos Space Marine which was swiftly eliminated by Akathin's close-combat prowess before he could manifest. Her schemes undone, Tessera confronted the strike team to explain her grand plans and spirit herself away through the immaterium, but not before Lyra psionically paralysed her just long enough for the rest of the group subdued her. 

Stripped of her wargear, Tessera was successfully captured and another of House Haarlock's many loose ends tied. Their adversaries defeated, the team was now able to investigate a cryo-chamber where Tessera attempted to manifest the traitor space marine. There they found two cryo-pods containing mysterious occupants and two that were vacant. Tessera, herself, was placed in stasis for later interrogation. Though while she was being incarcerated she managed to spout off one last death-curse, mentioned the dark god Tzeentch.

Significant muscle was needed on Akathin's part to move the pods back to a hangar for extraction. The two unknown cryo-pods are pending further investigation and Tessera will be….suitably interrogated.


Sheol Rovien

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