Eliminating the Orbital Garrison

Nil decides that the next course of action is to negotiate with primitive xenos species of avian biology on an acquarian moon in-systemin an effort to establish a mining operation to acquire valuable minerals suspected to be Wraithbone. Before negotiations can take place, however, the Roh Dynasty has established an observational position in low-orbit. In low-orbit were two ships, a science vessel outfitted with enhanced auguries and a frigate escort. 

Using the element of surprise, the Tempest Raven engages the escort vessel and quickly outmaneuvres it in a brief but fierce gun-fight. Nil teleports on board once the shields are brought down and begins to cause havoc onboard. Zephyr, Gale, and German man the gun batteries while Li-Tal works to override the task-directives of the servitor crews. Once done, any resistance on either ship is quickly ended, and House Haarlock acquires a Roh Dynasty Frigate, and science ship.


Sheol Rovien

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