Techmaster's Log: Post 0001

This is to be the first of countless posts to come, here I will catalogue the objectives of House Haarlock as the needs of the organization change over time. The passed few days have seen a flurry of activity from commanding agents, and new information has become apparent during our search. Based on the intel that follows, the Haarlock Dynasty's objectives are as follows:

(1.) Relocate ore-rich asteroids for mining.

(2.) Ascertain the nature of this "Warp Webway" and capture it for the House.

(3.) OPTIONAL – Successful capture of voidships from nearby pirate organization to help bolster the Haarlock fleet.

While the possible presence of Chaos Astartes in the sub-sector is indeed unfortunate, what (they) may be working on could prove to be an invaluable strategic advantage we cannot ignore. A private webway can allow us to move completely unseen through Roh-occupied space and present us easy and effective means of escape. Our agents can appear, strike, and disappear without a trace.

The Seneschal has tasked Krur Grox and his Orks to head the operation of moving asteroids rich with minerals to a safe (and undisclosed) location for mining. This would allow House Haarlock a sustainable (if temporary) income which could allow us to maintain our operations long enough for us to establish a more permanent means of gaining funds and restoring the Haarlock legacy.


Sheol Rovien

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