With House Roh's orbital post neutralised before any distress calls could be sent, we are now free to descend to the surface unimpeded. After careful consideration, commanders elect a covert deployment via land speeder and a jetbike. Devil, and Soren man the bike, while the rest saddle into the land speeder. [Along the way they decide the best course of action is to kill the nearest living thing, so they fuck up Godzilla.]

They successfully approach one of the iron warships used by the avian xenos and learn that they have had dealing with rogue traders in the past and have come to admire them so greatly, one could call it worship. The xenos agree to let Nil begin her mining operation underground where the avians had already established a nexus of mining tunnels, but due to the strange occurences have abandoned the mine.

Haarlock Command descends into the depths and discovers a potent source of exotic wraithbone-like material with peculiar regenerative capabilities. While further study is needed, we may have just found the solution to our miniscule wealth.


Sheol Rovien

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