Techmaster's Log: Post 0003

While the ships themselves are small, and no match for the greater Roh fleet in the system, they will serve our purposes in other respects. Ordering the captured servitors to search both ships, Li-Tal found that the enemy house makes use of an encoding machine to send long-distance messages through astropaths. How exactly these devices operate is yet to be determined. Evidence of this is indicated with the location of a code book found in the lower decks, its carrier killed before he could toss it in a furnace to be destroyed.

A brief analysis of the book suggests that an encoder was, or may be, onboard, but its location is yet unknown. More likely it was destroyed with other documents. Nevertheless, we now have a glimpse into the Roh Dynasty's plans and ways of direction now. Their ships will be of great use to us…


Sheol Rovien

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