Trouble in the Vault

The mysterious Warp anomalies throughout the ship took some time to clear out. Each combat-capable agent of Haarlock Command, along with the Household Elite Guard spread out to see that each one was closed completely, the last being within the Tempest Raven vault itself. The House Guard were sent to ensure stability as Command made for the vault to secure the ship's safety. Upon arriving via the lift prime, numerous Haarlock guardsmen were found dead at the hands of a squad of what could only be Chaos Space Marines of the Night Lords traitor legion. 

Their presence warranted immediate engagement from the esteemed agents of House Haarlock, and they met in battle. Akathin rushed headlong to meet the foe, but was slowed by carefully aimed boltgun fire. Nil attempted to engage the traitors in melee combat, and while she fought bravely, a hail of heavy bolter shells caused an opening in her personal shield to allow another to strike. Nil's left arm was severed and she sustained heavy damage to her augmentations along with critical injury. Li-Tal attempted to aid with a combination of well-calculated maneuvering and precision las fire from his high-impact las rifle. Gale backed this up with laser fire of her own, and this allowed Akathin to finally engage the enemy and neutralise their heavy bolter.

Gae and Li-Tal saw to Nil's injuries and were able to at least stabilise them, but time was too short and resources too few to fully repair the damage. Upon entry to the vault, more traitor astartes were found within, along with the android brain case wired to the door. Before exiting through a Warp portal (presumably of this Warp-Webway), one traitor had declared that they had come to reclaim the crystal looted from their asteroid base. Along with it they took both suits of Terminus-pattern mobile armour. Unfortunately, the agents lack the resources to pursue them…..for now.


Sheol Rovien

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